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Dams in Vietnam
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Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Project.
Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Plant is on La Nga river basin which belongs to Dong Nai river basin.

Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Project

Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Plant is in La Nga basin which belongs to Dong Nai river basin. Ham Thuan hydropower reservoir locates in Lam Dong and Binh Thuan provinces with surface area corresponding to normal water level (+605 MSL) of 25.2 km2. Da Mi Hydropower reservoir being daily
regulated is the lower step of Ham Thuan plant.
The two plants are 10 km away from each other. Ham Thuan – Da Mi Hydropower Plant is about 200 km away from Ho Chi Minh City.

Ham Thuan Hydropower Plant consists of 2 units with capacity of 300MW, the plant was commenced in 1997 and commissioned in 2001. Like Ham Thuan Hydropower Plant, Da Mi Hydropower Plant includes 2 units with capacity of 175MW.

The two plants have advanced technological equipment originated from Japan, USA, Canada, Italia, etc.

Salient parameters of Ham Thuan Hydropower Plant:


Normal water level:               +605 MSL

Dead water level:                  +575 MSL

Total storage capacity:           695 106m3

Effective storage capacity:   523 106m3


01 main dam and 04 auxiliary dams;

Main dam:

Type:   rockfill, center impervious core

Height:                                    93.5 m

Crest elevation:                     +609.5 MSL

Crest length:                            686 m

Auxiliary dams are earthfill homogeneous ones.


Some images of Ham Thuan Hydropower project.

Main dam

Auxiliary dam No.1



Hydropower Plant

(Khuong The Anh, Thu Huyen -

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