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VNCOLD join in  APG of ICOLD


Mr. Norihisa Matsumoto, Vice President of ICOLD and Chairman of Asia Pacific Group (APG) of ICOLD, sent the ICOLD APG Constitution & his letter of welcome VNCOLD  to join the Group.

In reply, Prof. Dr(sr). Pham Hong Giang, VNCOLD Chairman, has just applied the official VNCOLD proposal to be the APG member.


The ICOLD APG Constitution is following:

Asia Pacific Group of

ICOLD National Committees




  Asia-Pacific countries own significant number of dams, almost half of dams in the world, some of which are under construction or rehabilitation. In the year to come, many more dams will have to be built throughout the region.


  The engineers, builders and owners of dams in the region are facing many common issues with regard to the planning, licensing, design and construction of new dams, and also in the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the existing dams. With that in view, the engineers, builders and owners of dams in the ICOLD affiliated National Committees of the region have decided to constitute an organization – Asia Pacific Group of ICOLD National Committees – with the purpose of encouraging cooperation and exchanging information, experience and opinions concerning dam related subjects among the different nations in the region. It also implies the planning and support of Symposia, dam related activities and the formation of joint Working Groups in the future.


 The founder members of the Group are the ICOLD National Committees of China, India, Indonesia, Iran(Islamic Rep. of), Iraq, Japan, Korea (Rep. of), Lebanon, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. (by ICOLD BY-LAWS, 2002).

 Membership is open to all Asian-Pacific member countries of ICOLD which share the objectives of the Group.




1.      Name of the Group


The formal name of the Group is ASIA PACIFIC GROUP OF ICOLD NATIONAL COMMIITTEES and the short name is “ Asia Pacific Group of ICOLD “.


2.      Members of the Group     


 2,1 The Group welcomes only applications from ICOLD National Committees in the region which

share its aims.


2.2  Each new member country is required to apply in writing to the Secretary confirming that it accepts the Constitution of the Group.


3.  Organization of the Group


3.1 The Group is managed by the Governing Board.


3.2 The Board can create committees and working groups from time to time to undertake specific tasks on behalf of the Board.


3.3 The Board may amend the Constitution of the Group provided that any proposed amendments are included in an Agenda issued to members before, 60 days prior, a meeting of the Board.


4.      The Board


4.1  The Board will be formed by the Chairmen of the existing ICOLD National Committees that

are members of the group.


4.2  The current Vice President of ICOLD for the Zones (6th Post, when from the Zones), will have the right to be the chairman of the Board.


4.3  The President and the Secretary General of ICOLD will be invited to the Board Meeting, and will have the right to participate in the discussions at the meeting of the Board, but will not be entitled to vote.


4.4  The principal functions of the Board will be;


1)      To approve the admission of new members.


2)      To set up Working Groups and, in particular, to appoint their Coordinators and to approve the terms of reference of each Working Group.


3)      If necessary, to help in obtaining funds for the development of the activities of the Working Groups.


4.5  The Board will meet at least once a year and the meetings will be arranged normally to take place on the occasion of programmed Symposia or of ICOLD Annual Meetings.


4.6  If the Chairman of a National Committee is unable to attend a meeting of the Board, he will be able to delegate his vote to an authorized member of his National Committee. 


4.7  The Chairman of a National Committee will be able to be accompanied at a meeting of the Board by the Secretary or other member of his National Committee, as an additional delegate.


4.8  The decisions of the Board will be taken by simple majority of the voting members present, and require the affirmative vote of at least 1/3 of the current members of the Board. For the modifications of the constitution the affirmative vote of more than one half of the Board members is required.



5.      Chairman and Vice Chairmen


5.1  The current Vice President of ICOLD for the Zones ( 6th  Post, when from the Zones), will be the Chairman of the Group.

5.2  The two Vice Chairmenship shall be among the member countries by rotation in English Alphabetical order. The function of the two Vice Chairmen is the support of the Chairman.


5.3  The Terms of Office of the Chairman and the Vice Chairmen are Three years.


5.4  The functions of the Chairman are;


1)      Communicate with ICOLD


2)      Call the meetings


6. Secretary


6.1 The Secretary shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Group. The Chairman shall

appoint the Secretary from a member of his National Committee.


6.2 The Terms of Office is Three years.


6.3 The functions of the Secretary will be;


    1) Attending the Board Meetings, preparing the minutes and keeping record of the meetings.


    2) Preparation of an Annual Report for the Group, if requested by the Board.


3) Maintaining the files of the group and the correspondence.


4) Assisting the activities of the Working Groups and others.


     5) The Secretary will not have the right to vote at the Board Meetings.


7. Finances of the Group


 7.1 The Group will not charge a membership subscription.


 7.2 The Group will have no financial assets.


 7.3 The Group will have no employees and will not pay for the services provided by its members.


8. Duration of the Group


 8.1 The Board shall review the effectiveness of the Group from time to time and will decide whether the Group should continue to function.


 8.2 The Board shall undertake the first review during the year 2003.


9. Adoption of the Constitution


 9.1 The Constitution are established on September 23 of year 2002.




Signed on behalf of the founder members



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