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Prof. Jinsheng JIA’ s Letter
Sorry for answering you so late because I were on dam site to deliver tech. supporting to local people on guaranteeing the dam safety and landslide safety, etc..


Prof. Jinsheng JIA

Prof. Jinsheng JIA’ s Letter


Dear Friends,

Sorry for answering you so late because I were on dam site to deliver tech. supporting to local people on guaranteeing the dam safety and landslide safety, etc..

There was no connection for Mobile or internet in last few days there.

Thank you very much for your email. We are deeply moved by your kindness and warmness. We express our gratefulness and appreciativeness to you and your country’s people.

The earthquake has caused great losses and damages.

Fortunately, the dam design,construction and its operation before and after earthquake are highly qualified and there are no serious failure and disaster related to dams,especially for high dams

For example, Zipingpu CFRD(H=156m) with 1.1 billion capacity reservoir is 20 km away from the 8 grade earthquake center.The design ground earthquake acceleration is 0.26g but the monitoring result is max 2g on its top. Displacements are: 73cm settlement; 20cm downstream movement; 6.4cm from left bank to right.

We are happy that the dam could be operated after small rehabilitation and there is no disaster for downstream people.

We will make presentation for introducing the earthquake and dams,landslides during the earthquake in sofia following ICOLD requirement.

We are experiencing a very hard time now and we are happy that lots of help from the world coming for overcoming this natural disaster. 

We want to show our great respect to your kindness  once more.                      

Looking forward to meet you soon!

Sincerely yours,

Jinsheng JIA 

Secretary General of CHINCOLD


Reply: Thank you very much for your information. We are strongly convinced that the people in the Sichuan Province with the support from the whole China will overcome this hard time to restore their normal life soon. We hope to learn much from Chinese achievements and experiences in the dam sector.

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