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Minutes of the Board Meeting of APG of ICOLD
Date & Time: Tuesday, June 3, 2008 from 12:30 to 13:30. Venue: Hall 1 at Central Park Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria

Minutes of the Board Meeting of APG of ICOLD


Date & Time: Tuesday, June 3, 2008 from 12:30 to 13:30

Venue: Hall 1 at Central Park Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria


Chairman: Dr. N. Matsumoto, Vice President, ICOLD

Australia: Mr. Neil Blaikie for President, ANCOLD

China: Mr. JIA Jinsheng, Secretary General, CHINCOLD

Japan: Dr. H. Yoshikoshi, Chairman, JCOLD

Korea: Dr. Kyul-Ho KWAK, President, KNCOLD

(Mr. Kyung Taek YUM, Secretary General)

Thailand: Dr. S. Sucharit, for Chairman, TNCOLD

Vietnam: Prof. Pham Hong Giang, Chairman, VNCOLD

Secretary: Mr. R.Yoshino, Secretary General, JCOLD

And many observers


From left to right: Dr. H:Yoshikoshi (JCOLD), Mr. N.Matsumoto (ICOLD), Prof. Pham Hong Giang (VNCOLD),

Dr. S.Sucharit (TCOLD), Prof. Jia Jinsheng (CHINCOLD), Dr. Kyul-Ho Kwak (KNCOLD),

Mr. R. Yoshino (JCOLD), Mr. N. Blaikie (ANCOLD).


1.       Opening address by the chairman: Mr. Matsumoto offered sincere sympathy to CHINCOLD for the great disaster of Sichuam Earthquake of May 12. He also stated the reason why we did not have technical session of APG during Sofia Annual Meeting and had Board Meeting only. Because it was difficult to carry out technical session without sacrificing the official ICOLD event.

2.       Approval of new members

VNCOLD’s admission to APG was unanimously approved.

3.       Briefing on activities of each national committee and discussion on the forthcoming events or possible topics for future events of mutual interest

1)               Every country except China expressed sincere sympathy to China for the earthquake disaster occurred in Sichuan.

2)               ANCOLD;
Mr. Blaikie stated the scholarship system to encourage young engineers under 35 years to join the dam engineering profession. Quite severe drought has occurred in Australia recently and a conference about water supply will be held in Brisbane this November.

3)               JCOLD;
Mr. Yoshikoshi talked about active participation of JCOLD for ICOLD and APG in recent years. The 5th EADC (East Asian area Dam Conference) will be held in Yokohama this October. JCOLD hopes to host the 24th congress and 80th annual meeting of ICOLD in 2012 in.

4)               KNCOLD;
Dr. Kwak reported active participation of KNCOLD for ICOLD and APG in recent years.

5)               TNCOLD;
Dr. Sucharit reported that TNCOLD held the 1st Asian conference on hydropower and dams in Bangkok, Thailand last year. Standard of dam design and dam safety in Thailand is to be established.

6)               VNCOLD;
Prof. Giang stated active participation of VNCOLD for ICOLD. VNCOLD will host the 78th annual meeting of ICOLD in 2010.

7)               CHINCOLD
Prof. Jia appreciated the support of other countries for the earthquake disaster. No dams were breached by the earthquake nor released large amount of water and no large dams were dangerous for local people, while landslide lakes were more dangerous.
Last year the 4th EADC symposium and the international RCC symposium were held in China. He also talked that hydropower would be more important in future due to global warming.

4.       Proposed agenda from Chairman of any National Committee

1)               KNCOLD proposed for APG two agenda;
(1) Making an international working group about the earthquake in China to evaluate the dam safety and hydrological risk.
(2) To develop a technology of levee and natural disasters such as flood.

2)               TNCOLD proposed for APG to analyze the principle of hydrological aspect and make research to climate change.

The meeting was adjourned at 13:30.


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